Aggressor Aerospace Dong Feng-11A Builders Kit

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  • Own a piece of Chinese history when you have the Aggressor Aerospace Dong Feng-11A 1/19th Scale Builders Kit
  • The name “Dong Feng” means “East Wind” in Mandarin and is a nod to the famous speech by Mao Zedong where he predicts “the east wind shall overcome the west wind”
  • When completed, the Dong Feng-11A measures 22.6” with a diameter of 1.84”
  • Assembled weight, without motor, is 7.9 ounces
  • Recommended motors: C11-3, D12-3
  • Additional items required to complete Builder Kit:
    • (1) ST-18, 13.125” long (333.4mm)
    • (1) 24mm Motor Tube, 2.25” long (57.2mm)
    • (1) Shock Cord, ~36” long (~915mm) elastic
    • (1) Shock Cord, ~15” long (~381mm) Kevlar
    • (1) 24” Parachute (610mm)
    • (1) Motor clip (if desired)
  • Step-by-step instructions included

The Aggressor Aerospace Dong Feng-11A 1/19th Builders Kit is a replica of the Chinese single-stage, solid propellant, road-mobile short-range ballistic missile. This impressive missile, known in the West as the CSS-7 Mod 2, was one of China’s many to assert their national prestige and power. Once assembled, this Builders Kit measures 22.6” tall with a diameter or 1.84”. Achieve memorable launches using C11-3 and D12-3 motors.Complete your builders kit with an ST-18 body tube, 24mm motor tube, shock cords and a 24” parachute. 

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