Aggressor Aerospace KZ-1 Builders Kit

  • $29.95
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  • Say hello to the Aggressor Aerospace’s KZ-1 Builders Kit
  • This kit features grid fins for stability.
  • 24mm powered kit (Flies on D12-3 motors0
  • 16 individual high quality 3D printed ABS parts
  • Comes with full color waterslide decals
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Additional Parts needed to complete the kit: BT-60, BT-55, and BT-50 body tube.  One 18 inch parachute and shock cord

The Aggressor Aerospace KZ-1 missile is a **light-lift solid rocket** that can launch small satellites into low Earth orbit. It is developed by **Expace**, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), one of the main space contractors in China. The KZ-1 missile is based on the **Kuaizhou-1A** rocket, which has a history of both successes and failures. The KZ-1 missile is designed to be **mobile, fast and low-cost**, making it attractive for commercial customers who need rapid access to space.

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