Aggressor Aerospace

Aggressor Aerospace was founded in 2011 by Scott Haskett. Scott is an aerospace engineer and retired Air Force officer. His interest in missile systems and space launch vehicles from around the world led to the creation Aggressor Aerospace. The name Aggressor Aerospace is an homage to the American "Aggressor Squadrons" who paint their jets like America's adversaries and learn to fly like America's adversaries too - all to ensure US pilots succeed in battle. Aggressor Aerospace, in turn, was meant to broaden the number of scale models on the model rocket market - with an eye toward sparking interest in subjects beyond the typical V-2 or Honest John. The company started with limited-run "garage kits" of ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles. Most parts were made from balsa wood turned by commercial vendors, forcing the builder to craft difficult shapes from several different pieces of wood. Aggressor Aerospace teamed with Boyce Aerospace Hobbies in 2020 to capitalize on the power of 3D printing - simplifying construction and opening a whole new universe of potential scale model subjects. Look for interesting - and unusual - scale rocketry kits from this team for years to come!