Aggressor Aerospace Long March-1/CZ-1 Builders Kit

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  • The Aggressor Aerospace CZ-1 is a 1/34 scale model of the CZ-1 that carried the Dong Fang Hong (“East is Red”) satellite into orbit
  • Once assembled the kit measures 34.5”
  • Weight, with nose weight, is about 10.6 ounces
  • Features 4 motor cluster
  • Challenging to fly with four 18mm motor cluster
  • Additional items required to complete builders kit:
~1.6 ounces Nose Weight
(1) Body Tube, BT-80, 16.175” long (410.8 mm)
(1) Body Tube, BT-80, 6.125” long (155.6 mm)
(4) 18mm Motor Tube, 4.0” long (101.6 mm)
(1) Shock Cord, ~24” long (~610 mm) Kevlar
(1) Shock Cord, ~36” long (~915mm) elastic
(1) Shock Cord, ~12” long (~305mm) elastic
(2) 18” Parachutes (457mm)

China became the fifth nation to launch their own satellite (following the Soviet Union, US, France, and Japan), when the CZ-1 carried the Dong Fang Hong (“East is Red”) satellite into orbit. Based on reported dimensions, this Aggressor Aerospace Builders Kit model is approximately 1:34 scale. When fully assembled it measures 34.5" in length and weighs 10.6 ounces (without motor and with nose weight). Impressive to build and fly. 

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