What Is A Builder's Kit?

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Boyce Aerospace Hobbies is known for quality 3D-printed model rocket kits, nose cones, upgrade and reproduction parts. But, did you know that our most popular products are our Builder’s Kits? The Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Builder’s Kit series is a customer favorite. These 3-D printed kits allow hobbyists to build flying models using self-supplied industry standard rocket body tubes. Most kits are available in multiple scale sizes, allowing modelers to choose exactly which kit fits their collection or next launch.




















Saturn 1B Builders Kit Parts


There are many other advantages to purchasing a builder’s kit; including the ease to assemble and paint. It is our experience, as well as our customer’s, that painting (in great detail) is simpler on separate model rocket body tubes than on fully-integrated printed plastic parts. Additionally, we are then able to supply you with a wider assortment of products at competitive prices when we remove the tubes and can ship in smaller boxes.

As with all our products, Builder's Kits do not include parachutes, shock cords or motors. 

So are you ready to build a favorite kit? Shop our collection of Builder’s Kits and choose the scale that suits you!







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