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At Boyce Aerospace Hobbies we love all-things rocketry. We enjoy the entire process from design of model rockets to flight. Our products are intended to spark joy and excitement within hobbyists of all levels while adhering to model rocketry safety practices. Take a brief minute to read through some important regulations regarding model rocketry safety and how Boyce Aerospace Hobbies helps modelers comply. 

  • Model rockets should be crafted from lightweight, non-metal materials. Boyce Aerospace Hobbies ensures adherence to this protocol by printing model rocket parts in quality ABS and lightweight resin.
  • Motors used to fly model rockets should be certified and un-modified. Our company promotes the use of appropriate engine sizes by noting safe motor sizes on each product page.
  • At launch time, all model rockets should only be flown with launch systems that feature a switch that returns to the “off” position when released and a safety interlock. Should a misfire occur during launch, be sure to remove the safety interlock, disconnect the battery and wait at least 60 seconds until anyone approaches the rocket.
  • Before all launches, be sure to use a countdown to alert everyone within the flight radius to keep a safe distance of 15-feet away (with use of D motors or smaller) or 30 feet when launched with larger motor sizes.
  • Only launch rockets from a launch rod, tower or rail that is pointed vertical to ensure the rocket flies straight. And keep an eye on the flight path at all times.
  • Launch only outdoors in an open area during safe weather conditions with winds no greater than 20-miles per hours.
  • Be sure to use a recovery system, like a parachute, so that your model rocket returns safely to the ground. And, do not attempt to recover any model rocket from dangerous places.

DISCLAIMER - The products sold by Boyce Aerospace Hobbies are intended for display and/or flight with use of explicitly stated model rocket motors. Launching of model rockets may be dangerous; use our products at your own risk. Boyce Aerospace Hobbies is not responsible for any damages or injuries incurred from the use or misuse of our products. Our kits are not intended to be modified or used with motor sizes different than stated. The product should be purchased by an adult and if used by a minor, under the supervision of a parent at all times. 

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