Nike Hercules Rocket Builders Kit 1/14th Scale

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  • The Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Nike Hercules "Builders Kit" is every bit as impressive as the original
  • Modeled in a 1/14th scale; this replica is BIG
  • Available as a single stage (no electronics needed) 4 engine 24mm cluster or a standard two stage model (staging electronics required) with a four-engine 24mm cluster in the booster and a single 24 mm upper stage
  • Revised design features staging electronics in the top of the booster
  • Uses PerfectFlight microTimer2 or miniTimer4 (not included)
  • Upper stage can now be flown separately with included sustainer rail guides or launch lugs
  • Upper stage includes screw-on motor retainer
  • Larger parachute compartment in the upper stage (parachutes not included)
  • Guaranteed better fit of the sustainer fins slots and root edge
  • More room within nose cone for adding ballast
  • All parts printed individually for maximum accuracy and quality
  • Decals included
  • Includes step-by-step instructions
  • The booster is sized around four 29mm tubes (not included) and the upper stage main body is a BT-70 (not included)
  • Total Length 32.75" - with the booster measuring 11.89" and the sustainer measuring 22.18"
  • Fin Span for Booster is 9.66"
  • Fin Span for the Upper Stage is 5.95"
  • Weighs approximately 16oz before motors

The Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Nike Hercules "Builders Kit" is the perfect addition to your model rockets. This model is a 1/14th replica and boasts several enhancements to our initial Nike Hercules release in 2018. The revised design is sold as a single or two stage kit. The upper stage can now be flown separately with included sustainer rail guides or launch lugs. The kit stands 32.75" tall and weighs 16oz (before motors). This kit is 3D printed in bright white ABS plastic and all parts are printed individually to ensure the highest quality parts; tubes are not included. Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Nike Hercules “Builders Kit” includes decals and assembly instructions.

Boyce Aerospace Hobbies recommends hobbyists under the age of 13 be supervised by an adult at all times.
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Neal H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Nike Hercules Builders Kit

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The quality of the parts are outstanding. I opted for the single stage this time. I hope to purchase the 2 stage someday soon. I flew it on 6/27/2020 on 4 x D12-5 motors. The flight was beautiful. The only complaint is that the plastic motor retainer ring must have softened from the motor heat and upon ejection all 4 motors came out. It did manage to deploy the chute so it did land safely. I will be replacing the plastic retainer with one made from metal.

Neal H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Nike Hercules Builders Kit

As with all of the kits from Boyce the instructions were clear and easy to understand. The parts were all of great quality and assembled without any issues. Great job Boyce, keep up the good work.

Henry J.
United States United States

The Nike Missile middle model is of very high quality. Your customer service was excellent. Thanks.

Gary k.
United States United States
Nike Hercules

I've had the opportunity to purchase items from Boyce Aerospace and had some custom work done and needless to say each one of their renderings was impressive to say the least. The Nike Hercules is a welcome addition to any collection and the printing is first rate and impressive in itself. I opted to get the 2 stage model and am impressed with the amount of detail to the model as well as the electronics placement and instructions in the kit. This will build to an impressive model one worth having in your fleet.

Chan S.
Top quality kit for scale enthusiast

I've accumulated quite a few Boyce kits over the past few years and have been consistently impressed. I have both the "beta" version of this Nike-Hercules and the official 1/14 "builder's kit" release, and the "builder's kit" release reflects a few improvements. In particular, the kit is now available as a functioning 2-stage design, and in that configuration there is built-in support for staging timer/electronic mounting. "Builder's kit" means you will have to scrounge up body tubes and recovery system (Kevlar/elastic, chute). The tube requirements are reasonably common--BT70 and thick wall 29MM. You'll also need a healthy amount of clay or comparable weight adder (I prefer adding fishing weights with poured epoxy). Assembly instructions are very good, with detailed step by step directions, illustrations and clearly reflect the perspective of a modeler. I was especially impressed that there are CG targets, which for this particular model is critical for flight stability. This has clearly been well thought out. The quality of the 3D parts is very good, high resolution and strength. Boyce has been upgrading their equipment over the years and current offerings reflect this--most parts require only a cursory sanding, tiny details might need to be cut from a thin printed base, etc. My only wishlist in terms of improvement for this kit would be to take advantage of 3D capabilities and include some details for us obsessive/compulsive types like rivets or bolts, which at this scale might actually be feasible. Overall, nothing but positives for this company, this kit, and the scale design.

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