What's Launching this Year?!

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Product Launch Schedule

In the upcoming months, Boyce Aerospace Hobbies celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing with new products. Check out the schedule below to plan your next build. 

In May, we plan to launch the 1/100th Scale Saturn IB (24mm) Kit. After listening to feedback from modelers, we're incorporating the use of standard model rocket tubes.

Late May/ Early June 2019, you can expect to see the 1/100th Scale Saturn V Upgrade Parts (motor shrouds with fins, cluster motor mounts, transitions, etc) added to our site for purchase.

Our next release will happen in late June/ early July. That release will be the LEM 24mm. 

After we're done celebrating the Apollo Anniversary, you can still expect great 3D printed kits in the upcoming months. 

We're planning a redesign of the popular Nike Hercules kit (1/14th Scale) with a schedule launch of late July / early August.  

Then, in August, we'll roll out the Nike Ajax Kit (1/14th Scale)

In September, the LTV Scout Upscale (29mm) will be added to our website for purchase. 

The 1/17.Scale Juno I or II (29mm) will be our scheduled October launch. 

For the remaining two months of the year, we want to hear from you!  In both months, we will have customers vote for their dream kit. Watch your inboxes for a chance to vote! Or email us to enter you vote! 

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