Mercury Capsule and Tower "Square Window" 1/35 scale for ST-20 body tube

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Here's a correct square windowed Mercury capsule and tower to make the original Estes Mercury Atlas kit closer to scale. The original Estes Mercury capsule was the round windowed variant used on the Redstone flights (except for the final manned Mercury-Redstone flight which used the square window.) The final manned MR flight was Gus Grissom's MR4, Liberty Bell 7.

Now, just a bit of trivia - Did you know that the Estes injection molded Mercury capsule started it's life as Centuri product! A lot of modelers have problems assembling the tower on the capsule. We've heard that's because Estes wrote their own assembly instructions for the capsule instead of using Centuri's superiorly written instructions...


  • Fully 3D SLA printed Escape Tower, just glue the Aerospike into it's hole and the tower is done!
  • The tower and Aerospike are printed in a special mix of 3D resins which is semi flexible, reducing breakage.
  • The Mercury capsule is printed in white ABS at 150 micron resolution to give you all the great detail you want.
  • No tedious assembly needed. Just glue on the Aerospike, paint the Escape tower red, mask off the capsule shoulder, paint the capsule semi-gloss black, glue the tower to the capsule...Done, wow that was easy!

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