1/100th Mercury Atlas Builders Kit

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  • The Boyce Aerospace Hobbies 1/100th Scale Mercury Atlas Builders Kit is a replica of the Mercury Atlas that launched the first American Astronaut, John Glenn, into orbit
  • DSLA-printed at 50 microns for maximum detail and minimal-to-no sanding
  • Features a one-piece escape tower for easy assembly
  • Includes laser cut clear plastic fins, detailed vernier motors, fuel lines, corrugations, assembly instructions and vinyl decals
  • Flies to 560’ on a C6-5 motor (recommended 18mm Estes rocket motor)
  • Measures 11.75” inches tall and weighs 3 ounces when assembled
  • Makes a great display when grouped with our 1/100th scale U.S. manned spacecraft offerings and /or the Estes Saturn V.
  • Requires: (1) 29 mm heavy walled motor tube (cut to 117 mm long), (1) BT-20 motor tube, (1) 70mm engine clip, (2) Parachutes - (1) 12 inch and (1) 16 inch, (2) 12 inch shock cords
  • Includes step-by-step assembly instructions

The Boyce Aerospace Hobbies 1/100th Scale Mercury Atlas features incredible details for flight or any hobbyist’s shelf! Our rocket is DLSA-printed at 50 microns for maximum details and little sanding. Each rocket showcases detailed vernier motors, fuel lines and corrugations. The kit includes clear plastic fins – perfect to create a realistic replica and ensure a smooth flight; up to 560’ on a 18mm Estes C6-5 motor. Once assembled, the Mercury Atlas kit measures 11.75” inches tall and weighs 3 ounces when assembled. Our Builders Kit requires a 29mm heavy walled motor tube, a BT-20 tube, engine clip, parachute and shock cords. Pair your Boyce Aerospace Hobbies 1/100th Scale Mercury Atlas with any of our 1/100th scale U.S. manned spacecraft offerings for an awesome display shelf.

Boyce Aerospace Hobbies recommends hobbyists under the age of 13 be supervised by an adult at all times.
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I recommend this product
Mercury Atlas

Another great 1/100 scale rocket. I look forward to further releases in this series.

Trey D.
United States United States
Very Detailed

This was a fun model to build. Now that its finished, its amazing how detailed and realistic it looks at this small scale. The 3D printed parts make the kit very accurate. Even larger scale Mercury-Atlas models from other companies don't have as much detail. The texture molded into the Mercury capsule and the launch escape tower were both definitely highlights. I would say, be very careful and when using the superglue, especially on the 3D printed parts. Use as little as possible to avoid sanding later. The plastic is brittle, and I did have a couple parts break during construction. They glued back together just fine though, and it isn't visible on the finished model. The removeable transparent fins look great, they are so transparent in fact that they are hardly even noticeable if you wanted to glue them in permanently. Because the parachutes are sold separately, make sure you get the thin plastic parachutes, the same kind estes rockets and most model rockets use. I like the top flight brand fabric parachutes for model rockets for their durability, but for this model they do not fold compact enough to fit inside if you go with the kits recommended parachute sizes. I haven't flown the model yet so I can't say how well it performs, but if you like scale models or you have another 1/100 scale rocket you'd like to display it alongside, this kit is a must have!

Don F.
United States United States
1/100 Mercury/ Atlas Kit

Very nice kit. Great details. Displays well with the 1/100 Mercury/ Redstone. Look forward to see how it performs.

Kurt A.
United States United States
Super detailed flying rocket model

This was the 4th kit I have built from Boyce Aerospace and they keep getting better. The detail is very nice for 1/100th scale but can be delicate, the Vernier rockets are very detailed and look awesome but I broke both off during the decal install. I still have not mastered the Vinyl decals, they look great but are a bit troublesome. Overall very impressed with this kit and very curious to see how it performs.

Wayne F.
United States United States
1/100 Atlas

This was my second order from Boyce and 4th model I’ve ordered in 5 months, so you can see I like their products. The kit was not what I was expecting at all. I was expecting a model that was simplified at this scale and was very surprised to find a model with a lot of detail and finely done. There are a lot of pieces with this kit. I am not going to build this model as a flyer but rather as a static model to sit along with my growing collection of rockets in 1/100 scale. My only concern was that the major pieces were printed in a different plastic material than other Boyce kits I have purchased, in that it felt a bit sticky. I contacted Boyce about this and they very quickly responded that yes this was a different material and to rub the parts down with alcohol and then set in the sun for a bit and the stickiness would be gone which it was. One has to remember that 3D printing is still new and a lot of different materials are out there being used and tried for models. I have to rate the model very highly, but its the great customer service which Boyce offers is what keeps me a customer. I might add that their design work is also very good. If we were compare Boyce with standard models we find, I would say they were the Revell (new) or Airfix(new) in terms of quality. They are improving with each model it seems. Would I buy from Boyce again? Oh yes you can bet on it. A very good company in every way.

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