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Type – Reproduction Part

Weight –  1.5 oz

Length – 9.75 inches

Construction – ABS 3D printed

 Not Included – Glue, paint, eyelet, decals

For the nostalgic types out there (old rocketeers) here’s a 3D printed replica of the Estes Cineroc movie camera nose cone first produced in the 60’s. Updated dimensional drawings (thanks Dan!) were used to model the parts for 3D printing.  The nose cone kit comes in four pieces that can either be friction fitted, screwed, or glued together. The interior of the cone is hollow except for the removable bulkhead in the lower transition that allows you to mount a support frame for your payload of choice. You will need to supply and install an eyelet for your recovery system. The cone can be used for any type of payload including digital key chain movie cameras with minor modification. Dimensions of the cone are as follows:

Overall Length = 9.75 inches
Diameter = 1.80 inches
Shoulder to rocket  = 1.00 inches
Interior Diameter = 1.65 inches (between .5 inch long coupler sections on the cone and transition)
Interior Coupler Diameter = 1.58 inches (.5 inches at top and bottom of payload tube)
Interior Payload Length = 4.350 inches to tapered section of nose cone then an additional 3.00 inches of tapered space.
Minor sanding with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and then primer will be required prior to painting the parts in order to achieve a glass smooth surface. Thanks in advance for purchasing a Boyce Aerospace Hobbies product.


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