Sneak peek of BAH offerings in 2019:

We’re working on a few things to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Here’s a  short list:

  • January 2019 – Apollo Abort Capsule Kit (24mm)

He’res some images of our 1/27th scale Apollo Abort Capsule (PA-2) kit in boilerplate mode. The kit will fly on a single  short 24 mm motor and includes all plastic parts, 24 mm motor tube, 24 mm tower tube, and vinyl decals. The capsule and tower are recovered separately to avoid damage to the escape tower. the model should weigh in at around 6 oz flight ready. Predicted performance using a D12-3 is 190 feet so this big model should be a perfect small field flyer! The kit will be available in a week or two. Click on the images for a larger image.

  • February 2019 – 1/100 Scale Saturn I SA-5 (24mm)
  • March 2019 – 1/100th Scale Saturn I SA-7 (24mm)
  • April 2019 – 1/100th Scale Saturn IB (24mm)
  • May 2019 – 1/100th Scale Saturn V (1-24mm x 4-18mm cluster)
  • June 2019 – LEM (Big Maybe) 24mm 
  • After the Anniversary kits we’ll offer:
  • July 2019 – Redesigned Nike Hercules kit (1/14th Scale)
  • August 2019 – Nike Ajax Kit (1/14th Scale)
  • September 2019 – LTV Scout Upscale (29mm)
  • October 2019 – 1/17.Scale Juno I or II (29mm)
  • November 2019 – Customers vote #1 (email us and vote for your dream kit at:  and enter November vote in the subject line)
  • December 2019 – Customers vote #2 (email us and vote for your dream kit at:  and enter December vote in the subject line)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alex and Sheree Boyce