Saturn IB Kit 1/125th Scale (24mm) only $55.00 plus $10.00 shipping!


Boyce Aerospace Hobbies is pleased to announce the release of the long awaited 1/125th scale Saturn 1B kit. The kit is based on the original Cox Saturn 1B but has minor changes to facilitate production via 3D Printing. The model is produced in white ABS plastic and weighs in at 5+ oz. It comes with 8 pieces; capsule with escape tower, escape tower lattice, escape tower rocket nozzles, Lunar Excursion Module shroud, second stage, first stage with fins, motor mount, and motor retention system. The kit must be assembled with super glue and will require wet/dry sanding and primering to achieve a smooth finish. We’re really happy with the quality and detail of this kit. It is our best effort so far! The model is beautiful even before painting and big! Total height is 20 inches, body diameter 2.10 inches and fin span 4 inches. This model is a bear to produce taking over 20 hours of print time for the 8 parts. This kit comes without a recovery system or decals, but we are looking into sources for both of these items to be included in the near future. The kit flies on a Estes D12-5 rocket motor and is our first kit to incorporate our new motor retention plate. Thanks in advance for purchasing a Boyce Aerospace Hobbies model product.
Type – Scale, All plastic model rocket
Weight – 5.5 oz without motor
Length – 20 inches
Fin Span – 4.0 inches
Construction – ABS 3D printed
Motor – D12-5
Estimated Altitude – 900 feet
Not Included – Parachute, shock cord, glue, paint and decals