V-2 Rocket 1/25th Scale (29mm) only $65.00 plus $12.00 shipping


Our V2 model is 1/25th scale and is our first kit release in our line of BT-80 based kits. The model comes with a 3D printed fin can, hollow nose cone with screw on shoulder for easy nose weight or payload integration, plastic 1/4″ launch lugs, BT-80 body tube, and recovery hardware (requires a 30″ parachute). All parts are printed in high strength ABS plastic and printed exclusively on Raise 3D N2 printers. The kit comes with detailed directions and tips on preparing the model for painting. Here are the models specifications:
  • Construction is 100% ABS plastic except for the body tube
  • Length – 22 inches
  • Airframe Diameter – 2.6 inches
  • Empty Weight – 8 oz.
  • Motor Mount Size – 29 mm
  • Performance – AT-F25 with a 5/6 second delay 1433 feet, AT-G40 with a 5/6 second delay 1814 feet, the model can also fly on Estes D-12-3 and E9-4 motors if a 24 mm to 29 mm adapter is used.
Bonus Gift Included – As a bonus you will also receive a set of removable display steering vanes and nozzle assembly and a complete launch table to display your V-2 on! Thanks in advance for purchasing from Boyce Aerospace Hobbies.