BT-101 ET/SRB Kit For Space Shuttleshopping_cart_icon


Type – Scale, All plastic parts kit

Weight – Unweighed

Length – N/A

Fin Span – N/A

Construction – ABS 3D printed

Motor – N/A

Estimated Altitude – N/A

Not Included – Tubes, orbiter, motor mount, recovery system, decals, instructions

Like a challenge? Just completed a special design and print job for a customer who is building a large flying Space Shuttle model. The External Tank (ET) parts fit a BT-101 and the Sold Rocket Boosters (SRBs) are sized for ST-18 tubing.  All parts are based off the smaller Estes Space Shuttle model. You supply the tubes, the shuttle model, and the know how to put it all together and make it fly! No instruction included just the printed parts. All I can say is it’ll make one heck of a nice Shuttle stack!

P.S. We may release this type of part kit from time to time as it gets these parts to modelers faster. If we made this into an entire kit it would be years before we could release it…….Alex and Sheree Boyce

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