SpaceX Starship Nose Cone for PML 7.512

  • $174.95
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Build your own HPR Starship or complete Starship stack with our Starship nose cone. Printed in ABS plastic with 3.25mm walls, this nosecone fits LOC/PML 7.512 phenolic airframe tube.

  • Weight 23.5 oz
  • Length 12.00 inches (without shoulder)
  • Diameter 7.67 inches (without canard fins)
  • Comes in two pieces, nose cone and coupler adapter
  • Coupler adapter has two recovery attachment points
  • Comes pre-sanded
  • Requires LOC/PML coupler for 7.512 phenolic tube

The nose cone has a coupler adapter that epoxy's into it's base and then a section of LOC/PML 7.512 coupler tube (not included) is epoxied to the adapter. The coupler adapter contains two internal recovery hard points for attachment of your recovery system. The nose cone has slightly undersized canard fins to help reduce the finished model's center of pressure. 

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