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Estes Rockets Green Eggs Model Rocket Kit

  • $21.95
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  • Estes Rockets Green Eggs Model Rocket Kit is great for "eggstronauts" of all ages
  • Recommended for Intermediate skill level
  • When assembled, the Green Eggs rocket measures 23.6 inches long and 1.8 inches in diameter
  • Each Green Eggs has an estimated weight of 3.5 oz
  • Projected max altitude:
    • 825 ft. (251 m) with egg
    • 1050 ft. (320 m) without egg
  • Recommended C11-3, C11-5, D12-5 without egg: C11-5, D12-5, D12-7 engines
  • Its clear payload is big enough to carry 2 eggs
  • Assembly Instructions

Put an egg into "space"! How about 2?! The Estes Rockets Green Eggs Model Rocket is perfect for intermediate skill level "eggstronauts". It measures 23.6" long when fully assembled and boasts swept fins that allow the rocket to stand on its own. See heights of up to 825-feet with an egg and 1050-feet without and then watch this beautiful rocket float back down to Earth on its included 18" recovery parachute. 

Products Containing Wood | CA Prop 65

Boyce Aerospace Hobbies recommends hobbyists under the age of 13 be supervised by an adult at all times. 

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