Little Joe I Kit (13mm) only $18.00 plus $7.00 shipping!

LJI 1-10001

This 3d printed flying model rocket kit is a 1/100th scale replica of the Little Joe I launch vehicle used to test the original Mercury Capsule’s launch escape system and reentry heat shield. After the Little Joe test program the Mercury Capsule was used to launch the first American into space and to orbit the first American astronaut. The kit must be assembled using super glue and includes, airframe with fins, motor mount, capsule nose cone, escape tower, removable launch lugs and detailed assembly and painting instructions. The model uses one mini A10-3T Estes model rocket motor. The kit includes assembly instructions but no decals (the model uses a tumble recovery system). The kit should be sanded with fine grit wet/dry sand paper and primered to achieve a smooth glossy finish. Sanding is quick and easy as the sand paper can be used wet and the model will only require a few minutes of sanding. Each kit takes two hours to produce via 3d printing and is a snap to build. The escape tower is an amazing print (see photo above) that comes as a true one piece three sided truss with capsule nose and LES motor. This model is sure to get lots of attention at your next launch because of its small size and cool details. Best thing is that replacement parts will also be available should your model get damaged during flight.
Type – Scale, All plastic model rocket
Weight – 1 oz without motor
Length – 6.00 inches
Fin Span – 2.55 inches
Construction – ABS 3D printed
Motor – A10-3T
Estimated Altitude – 300 feet
Not Included – Glue, paint and decals

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