1/9th Scale Honest John “Builders Kit” – $135.00 +$15.00 Shipping

Our BT-80 Honest John “Builders Kit” is the easy way to build a beautiful 36.33″ tall 1/9th scale flying model of the US Army’s first unguided surface-to-surface nuclear capable rocket. Powered by a 29mm model rocket motor (no permit or certification needed) this model will turn heads at any rocket launch. Our HoJo “Builders Kit” takes over 50 hours to print and comes with the following quality 3D printed ABS parts:
  • A highly detailed two part Honest John nose cone with spin motor detail printed in all it’s glory.
  • A highly detailed 29mm fin can with diamond airfoil fins, boat tail, and motor bands.
  • MId-vehicle motor band with holes printed in.
  • Front and rear scale launch shoes.
  • Two sets of conformal launch lugs, 1/4″ rod and 1″ rail on stand offs, so you have a choice.
  • US ARMY vinyl decals.
  • Complete building instructions.
All you need to complete your model are the following parts plus paint, glue, and a little craftsmanship:
  • 1 – 18″ length of BT-80 body tube (LOC thick walled 2.60 tube can also be used just shoot us an email!)
  • 1 – 13″ length of 29mm motor tube.
  • 1 – 36″ parachute with shock cord.
Your model will weigh in at around 1 lb 3 oz when complete (before nose weight and recovery system) so flights with “G” motors are awesome! Order yours today!

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