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Cox Saturn 1B Replacement00


Type – Replacement Part

Weight – 1.5 oz

Length – 8.5 inches

Construction – ABS 3D printed

Not Included – Parachute, shock cord, glue, paint and decals

This is a replacement parts kit for the top half of the Cox Saturn 1B model rocket. It’s also a sneek peek at some of the parts that will be included with our complete Saturn 1B kit in development. I’ve had a few rocketeers request these replacement parts so I am making them available to the community. There are some changes to facilitate 3D printing. There is no Cox logo on the service module, no panel lines on the service module, the escape tower is built differently but is stronger (and looks great when completed). There are panel lines on the LEM shroud and on the capsule to simulate the boost protective cover.As with all our 3D printed kits the modeler will need to wet/dry sand the model and primer it to achieve a glass smooth painting surface. The modeler will also have to assemble the tower and escape motor parts with super glue. The kit comes in 4 parts and is printed in white ABS plastic. We suggest drilling a small hole in the joint between the service module and LEM shroud and running a piece of Kevlar cord unto the model to be secured as the recovery cord. That way you can use 2 chutes for recovery and protect the escape tower from damage. A slot has been provided in the shoulder to allow the cord to enter the lower half of the rocket without binding. As the capsule and tower are separate from the CSM and LEM shroud it is easy to add nose weight via epoxy into the base of the capsule if needed. These parts take about 5 hours to print and are priced fairly. If you do any 3D printing you know that it’s more of an art than science. I always only print one part at a time and at slow speeds to gain the most accuracy possible. Thanks in advance for purchasing a Boyce Aerospace Hobbies product.

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