Honest John Kit 1/24th Scale (18mm) only $25.00 plus $8.00 shipping!


This 3D printed kit is a reproduction of the classic Cox Honest John model rocket from the 70’s and 90’s. Sized in the original 1/24th scale, small changes were made in the original design to facilitate fabrication via 3D printing. The kit must be assembled using super glue and includes; fin can/motor mount, air frame, and nose cone. The model uses one 18 mm  Estes model rocket  motor. The kit includes assembly instructions but no parachute or decals (the modeler must provide his favorite recovery system). The parts should be sanded with fine grit wet/dry sand paper and primed to achieve a smooth glossy finish. Sanding is quick and easy as the sand paper can be used wet and the model will only require a few minutes of sanding. We have priced this model based on the 8 hours of print time required to produce it.
Your Honest John is sure to get lots of attention at your next launch. It’s a super quick and easy build and has the 4 spin motor covers modeled as well as all of the motor casing and fin retention bands. The kit flies on the following motors: Estes A8-3, B6-7, C6-7 and RMS 18 mm D13-10. Estimated altitudes for these motors are 143 ft, 381 ft, 812 ft, and 1392 ft. respectively. Replacement parts are available should your model get damaged during flight (just email us for pricing!).
Type – Scale, All plastic model rocket
Weight – 2 oz without motor
Length – 14 inches
Fin Span – 5.5 inches
Construction – ABS 3D printed
Motor – C6-7
Estimated Altitude – 812 feet
Not Included – Parachute, shock cord, glue, paint and decals

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