Nike Hercules Kit 1/24th Scale (24mm) only $55.00 plus $10.00 shipping!


Our Nike Hercules is our most popular kit because its one of the coolest missiles the U.S. Army ever deployed. It was designed to intercept and destroy Soviet high altitude bombers before they could deliver their nuclear bombs on U.S. cities and military installations. It was deployed around a few major cities during the late 50’s and early 60’s. The advent of ICBM’s made the missile obsolete within just a few short years. Our model is a faithful replica of the Hercules in 1/24th scale. The kit comes in just 5 pieces for easy assembly thanks to 3D printing. Just superglue the pieces together as spelled out in the instruction manual, wet/dry sand and primer the model, paint and detail the model and you’ll have an awesome model to fly and display.
This kit is reasonably priced when you consider the over 20 hours of print time required to produce it. The parts will require sanding and several coats of spray primer prior to painting to achieve a smooth finish. As always, replacement parts will be available for purchase if you damage your rocket. Please note that the pictures below are of a preproduction Hercules, current models have a motor retainer clip that is held on with 2 small screws.
Type – Scale, All plastic model rocket
Weight – 5.5 oz without motor
Length – 19.5 inches
Fin Span – 5.5 inches
Construction – ABS 3D printed
Motor – D12-5
Estimated Altitude – 1049 feet
Not Included – Parachute, shock cord, glue, paint and decals

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