3.90 Juno I Nose Cone Kitshopping_cart_icon


Type – Scale, Nose cone

Weight –   10 oz

Length –  19 inches

Construction – ABS 3D printed

 Not Included – Glue, paint, decals

Our Juno I nose cone kit is designed for 3.90 LOC tube and allows you to build a huge 1/17.5 scale model of our nations first satellite launch vehicle. The nose cone kit comes in just four pieces:

  • Explorer satelitte
  • Second stage spin drum
  • Transition fairing
  • Tube shoulder

The Explorer satellite  tip is hollow and is factory reinforced with a glued in hardwood dowel for strength. The cone has modeled panel lines and reaction control fairings. This is a super long print for us so the machine time is reflected in the price of the kit.


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