3.90 Gemini Capsule Kitshopping_cart_icon


Type – Scale, Nose cone

Weight –  6 oz

Length – 10 inches

Construction – ABS 3D printed

 Not Included – Glue, paint, decals

This is a highly detailed 3.90″ Gemini nose cone for a 4″ body tube. Capsule comes in three parts, the capsule, capsule/adapter and the shoulder. The capsule/adapter has a hollow space above where the shoulder glues in that allows you to add any nose weight that is required for your model. The model weighs approximately 6 oz. and is 3D printed in white ABS plastic. The shoulder has a built in recovery attachment point. The capsule will need minor wet sanding with 400 grit wet/dry sand paper prior to primer and paint.

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