Do you want to have a custom plastic part or kit designed and made for you? Well now you can! We are offering a custom design and print service with our 3D printers. Best of all we won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Yes, we want to make money but we also realize that a custom plastic part business will attract lots of customers and will give us an opportunity to serve the rocketry community. So, here’s how our service works:

  • Consulting – Free. We’ll answer all the questions you have about what can be designed and printed with our equipment. This free service will be available through email only. If you would like to consult with us via telephone or Skype we charge $20.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. All calls will be by appointment only.
  • Design – We’ll take your idea, sketch or drawing and design a part(s) that can be 3D printed with accuracy and strength. All 3D CAD design will be charged at $20.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. This time includes preliminary design, design modifications after test prints, and final production design.
  • Production – Printing your part(s) in white ABS plastic will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per hour.  This includes importing and slicing your design file, setting up printing parameters (temp, speed, resolution, supports,bed adhesion, infill, etc.), printing your part(s), removing your part(s) and post print clean up. The price also includes the cost of the plastic.
  • Shipping – We charge you the actual shipping cost plus $1.00 to cover shipping supplies.

Example 1 – You want a custom nose cone for a BT-80 rocket you’re building. It’s a simple with a standard shoulder. You send us a sketch with the shape and measurements you want via email. We quote you the minimum after we determine the cone would look best if it was made in two parts (cone and shoulder) then glued together. We invoice you for $20.00 and design the part. We test print the part for size and fit. We adjust the file and finalize the parts. We send you another invoice with the estimated time required to print your parts. After payment we print your parts and perform any post print clean up required. We package and weigh your order and send you a shipping invoice. After payment we ship your order. Total estimated cost: $20.00 design + $20.00 printing + $4.00 shipping= $44.00 for a custom plastic part!

Example 2 – Same nose cone as above but you need it to have special supports inside of it to mount a flight computer and batteries. You also want the shoulder to screw into the base of the cone so you have easy access to the electronics. You also need a small cut out in the base of the cone for a microswitch and LED. Estimate cost: design at 2.5 hours $50.00 + 2 hrs of print time $20.00 + $4.00 shipping=$74.00.

A final note. We email you the finalized design as an .stl file so you can print it yourself (if you or a friend has a 3D printer). If you have a larger project in mind we may be able to negotiate a lower price depending on if you’re willing to let us print and resell your completed design.

Email us at: with your questions or ideas for a free quote. Also, please start your email subject line with the words “DESIGN SERVICES”. Thanks!