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Type – Upgrade Parts

Weight –  

Length – 

Construction – ABS 3D printed

 Not Included – Glue, paint. donor kit

Do you dread building that Estes Maxi V-2 kit sitting in your closet because the vacuum formed fins are a builders nightmare to assemble? Do you want to fly your model on 24 mm composite motors but don’t trust the strength of the wimpy fins? Do you want detail  such as real 3d steering vanes? Boyce Aerospace Hobbies has the solution for you. A fellow rocketeer let us borrow his Maxi V-2 parts so we could recreate the fins in high strength 3D printed ABS plastic! The fins have the size and shape of the originals including the panel lines and trailing antenna detail (just add a 1/16th inch dowel). The fins also include 3D printed steering vanes that are more accurate than the Estes version which was part of the fin vacu-form. Our steering vanes are glued into a hole on the bottom backside of each fin. Yes, these fins are a bit heavier than the original wimpy thin vacu-formed fins but will add amazing strength as a trade off. Since the model is marginal when flying with a D12 or an E9 anyway, we suggest using Aerotech 24 mm composite motors so the Maxi V-2 can actually fly! Our price of $55.00 is based on the print time of over 16 hours to get these beauties to you! You’ll receive 4 fins and 4 steering vanes and complete instructions with each order. Thanks in advance for purchasing a Boyce Aerospace Hobbies product.

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