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My name is Alex Boyce. My wife Sheree and I started Boyce Aerospace Hobbies in 1995 to produce scale model rocket kits. Our company was only in operation for about two years but produced many memorable models. We had a line of micro scale model kits that included a Gemini Titan, Pershing 1A, Nike Smoke, Saturn V and Saturn 1B. These kits had one piece urethane resin cast nose cones and some had full body wrap decals. We also produced a line of 1/100th scale models that were designed to complement the Saturn V and Saturn 1B kits that were still being marketed by Estes at that time. A 1/100th scale Mercury Redstone and Gemini Titan kit were produced and sold. Finally, we manufactured a large ‘G’ powered scale model of the Mercury Redstone with a 4 inch diameter body. The 4 inch Redstone kit became so popular that it consumed all our spare time to produce! Each kit took about 4.5 hours to produce between resin casting the capsule, routering the fins and centering rings, cutting the dowels and tower parts, manufacturing the parachutes and cutting and preparing the vinyl decals. Between our regular full time jobs and the rocket business we were busy!

We decided to let Jim Neubauer produce the micro and 1/100th kit lines so we could focus on Redstone kit production and hopefully introduce some other large kits. This worked out for a while until the demands of my regular job increased and I decided that I was not spending enough quality time with my kids. We closed the business in late 1997 early 1998. I was proud of what my wife Sheree and I accomplished during those two short years and still smile when I hear old rocketeers speak fondly of the old Boyce models. We’re also proud of the fact that we never left a customer unhappy with their purchase of a Boyce product.

Now, almost 20 years later, Sheree and I have decided to reopen Boyce Aerospace Hobbies because our kids are grown, Sheree is at home (she retired early) and I will be retiring in a few years. I also really want to try to help revive a hobby that meant so much to me both as a child and later as an adult. I still believe that model rocketry has a lot to offer our children and grandchildren, so it’s time to spark some imaginations.

Our new kits feature exclusive 3D printing technology. 3D printing is improving so rapidly that within a few years you’ll have a hard time telling an injection molded plastic part from a 3D printed part!  So far our early products have received nothing but positive comments from our customers. We also plan on producing large kits again with ABS plastic capsules and fins so stay tuned.

Please enjoy the scanned photos below of the original Boyce products. Click on the images to enlarge. We look forward to serving you!

Alex and Sheree Boyce

Boyce Aerospace Hobbies